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EcoVantage® Supreme 

  • Waterproof  
  • Outdoor applications including banners, outdoor signage, and POS 
  • High opacity reduces translucency and shadowing 
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EcoVantageGreyback-Website Image-1-1

EcoVantage® Greyback

  • Grey backside prevents translucency and shadowing 
  • Applications including pop-up displays, banner stands, x-frame displays 
  • Use for any indoor /outdoor close viewing applications that require complete opacity 
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EcoVantageDSSBlockout-Website Image-1-1

EcoVantage® DSS Blockout 

  • Indoor applications including banners, banner stands, and POS 
  • Double-sided print surface  
  • Complete opacity to prevent translucency and shadowing 
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EcoVantagePoleBanner-Website image

EcoVantage® Pole Banner 

  • Heavy-duty substrate with  scrim fabric  provides additional strength and stability under harsh weather  
  • Coated, double-sided print surface
  • Complete opacity to prevent translucency and shadowing 
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UltraMesh EcoVantage-Website image

UltraMesh® EcoVantage® 

  • Indoor/outdoor applications including building wraps, fences, barricades, and stadium graphics 
  • Lightweight material
  • Non-PVC coated surface 
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WallscapesEcoVantage-Website image-3

Wallscapes™ EcoVantage® 

  • Flexible wallcovering material with non-woven backing
  • Recyclable, FSC compliant, and contains no heavy metals or halogens
  • Installation options - commercial grade adhesives, sewing, or grommets 
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EcoVantage® 190 

  • Outdoor applications including banners, framing systems, and POS 
  • Lightweight substrate
  • Recyclable under code nr. 1 (PET) 
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Ultima® EcoVantage® 

  • Outdoor application including wall coverings, retail displays, and POS
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Can be welded or sewn 
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