Create warmth, privacy and eye-catching imagery while reducing glare and heat from the sun.

Squid - For Corporate Offices

For Corporate Offices

Thanks to its textile texture, Squid® creates a warm privacy-solution that amplifies a homey feeling in office spaces, healthcare facilities and more.

Squid® also has a high-end look and makes it easy to upgrade an interior very quickly.

Squid® has a big creative potential. It can be digitally printed or cut out, and so it can work for both brand messaging and décor.

For Retail & Hospitality

Squid® is the only window covering that can be used with any type and shape of window. The fabric is both moisture and heat resistant, and very easy to tailor to your exact specifications.

The printable fabric can deliver elegant branding message that is subtle or dramatic.

Squid® blends seamlessly with other textile elements, such as carpets, curtains and furniture, and can be updated quickly and cost-effectively.

Squid - For Retail & Hospitality

Squid - For Residential

For Residential

Squid® was developed as an alternative for net curtains and is in other words a perfect solution for each window or space in need of privacy or sun protection in residential homes.

Squid® can be applied on windows of all shapes and sizes and suits all architectural styles and interiors.

Squid® provides privacy only during the daytime and is complementary to curtains or other window decorations.

Protect Your Privacy

Squid® is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.

The effect of Squid® can be compared to that of a net curtain, but its unique texture has a warm, natural feel. Squid® is minimalistic so it can be combined perfectly with any other type of window decoration.

Squid - Protect Your Privacy

Squid - Easy for Any Window

Easy for Any Window

Squid® is easy to install without any fixtures or fittings. It can be used in any interior on any type of window, regardless of its size and shape.

Got round, triangular or diamond-shaped windows? Do you want to use Squid on a skylight, glass dome or conservatory? As long as your window is made of glass, Squid works. Simply cut the window fabric to size. Ideal for small or large windows, which you can cover with Squid with the necessary precision without any visible seams.

Environmental Advantages

PVC-free Squid® enables you to reduce the air-conditioning cost and ensures a pleasant and healthy environment to live or work in. Squid® Chalk reflects 36% of the sun’s energy and reduces the feeling temperature by 3°C. Its UV resistance makes it an ideal solution for sun-facing windows.

Use Squid® on roof windows such as Velux skylights, south-facing sliding windows, glass roofs, domes, conservatories, etc. And unlike plastic window-covering film, you can use Squid on HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass, too. Neither the glue nor the fabric suffer any adverse effects from strong UV rays.

Squid - Environmental Advantages

Available in Six Colors

Squid - Ash

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Ash

The light grey Ash has an industrial feel and looks good in rooms with metal and concrete — ash complements modern interiors.

Squid - Ash Application
Squid - Bone

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Bone

Bone suits lighter room décor enhanced with off-white and other soft colors. Bone is an ideal choice for elegant, refined interiors and spaces.

Squid - Bone Application
Squid - Chalk

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Chalk

Chalk is a neutral color that goes well in sleek, minimalist surroundings. Chalk is ideal for modern interiors thanks to its simplicity.

Squid - Chalk Application
Squid - Coal

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Coal

Coal is pure decoration. It offers a nice visual contact with the adjoining room, little sun protection but an enchanting beauty.

Squid - Coal Application
Squid - Oak

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Oak

Oak has a neutral appearance and goes well with natural materials such as wood. Oak is perfect for rustic interiors and helps create a cozy atmosphere.

Squid - Oak Application
Squid - Rock

SQUID Transparent Self-Adhesive Textile, Rock

Rock has the most texture of all the available colors. Rock suits darker rooms and creates an intimate, peaceful atmosphere.

Squid - Rock Application

Squid® Material Highlights:

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester (PES)
  • Liner: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Self-adhesive
  • Color fastness: 6-7
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Antibacterial treatment

  • Made in Belgium
  • Thickness: 0.3 mm
  • Available in 51.18-inch wide rolls
  • Inkjet printable with solvent, UV-curable and latex* print technologies
  • Service life: Minimum 5 years

The installation of Squid® is fast, easy and doesn’t need any mechanical parts, which makes it noise- and dust-free. Squid® is easy to maintain and can be removed much faster than window foils when needed. In other words, Squid® is a high-value but economical option.

Technical data sheets and additional specifications available upon request.

*Latex-compatible Squid is only available in Chalk

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