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LINTEC Window films are available in permanent or removable.  They are specifically engineered for print service providers who offer window films and window display fronts. Discover new possibilities with popular applications including signage, décor, and wall covering for office, retail, and residential spaces. 

     Product Highlights 

  • Excellent clarity
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Enhanced privacy 
  • UV protection 
  • Durability 
  • Versatility 
  • Scratch resistance 
  • Easy installation


Window Film (Latex)


Clear Film (UV Curable)

lintec beach wall

ECO Recycled Clear Film (UV Curable)

Lintec cat eye-1

Film (UV Curable & Eco Solvent)

lintec behind the bar

Clear Overlaminate Film

lintec woman smiling

Mistlass Decorative Film (UV Curable)

lintec 2

Mistlass Decorative Film (UV Curable & Eco Solvent)

lintec 3

Vision Control Films (Formerly Known as Lumisty)

* = Optically Clear

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