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How You Can Help: Produce High-demand Floor Graphics

To help your local grocery stores and other essential businesses promote the recommended social distance of 6 feet, printed floor graphics are coming in handy.

In fact, many states have implemented new regulations for these stores to install graphics on the floor, spaced apart to illustrate where to stand in order to maintain the proper distance while waiting in lines.

When choosing media and laminates for floor graphics, ensure that they are UL certified or meet ATSM ratings for slip resistance. To achieve this, you can opt for a film and laminate solution, or try a one-step product. There are products that work for a number of surfaces including tile, hardwood floors, carpet, concrete and even outdoor asphalt. 

LexJet Simple Indoor FloorAd or LexJet Simple CarpetAd paired with LexJet Floor Velvet Laminate is a great solution for temporary indoor floor decals and is cleanly removable for up to six months. Partnered with the laminate, this two-step solution is UL certified for slip resistance.

DreamScape™ Caviar Wall + Floor is a one-step floor graphics solution for latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UVC printers. The Caviar texture provides slip resistance and is ANSI certified. The repositionable adhesive removes cleanly, making this an ideal solution for temporary floor graphics for retail and event wayfinding.
panoRama Walk & Wall is a one-step solution that’s designed for short- to medium-term, indoor & outdoor applications that does not require an additional laminate. With a slight pebble texture, this dimensionally stable vinyl with self-adhesive backing is the easy way to get your graphics on tile, concrete, wood, stone, carpet and even painted surfaces. Plus, once it’s removed, there’s no adhesive residue left behind.

When using aqueous or latex ink, LexJet Print-N-Stick Fabric is great for temporary floor graphics, and offers a slip rating based on ANSI (American National Standards Institute) testing. To offer additional protection, coat with Marabu ClearShield Wall Armor. The repositionable adhesive removes cleanly and easily with no residue. The printable fabric is designed for smooth, effortless application to a wide range of flat surfaces and it will not rip, wrinkle, or stretch in production.

LexJet also offers a variety of floor graphic materials from brands like HP, General Formulations, Avery and more. Plus, if you need equipment for floor graphic finishing, our laminators and cutters ship within a few days. Be sure to ask about monthly rebates and price reductions. Contact one of our print specialists at 800-453-9538 to find out which one will work for your next project.

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