The New EFI™ Pro 30h Puts the “Wide” in Wide Format 


Expand Your Capabilities

The Pro 30h is a 3.2-meter (126-in) hybrid printer, which means it offers both flatbed and roll-to-roll capabilities.  

It is an entry-level production printer that is strategically positioned to offer superior image quality, versatility, and productivity at a competitive price point and prints on a wide variety of substrates in a wide variety of applications.

The Pro 30h is designed for commercial printers, sign shops, and in-plant printers who would like to expand into high-value specialty substrates and popular applications such as wall coverings, décor, and signage, and print directly to rigid substrates.

EFI ProGraphics UV XA ink for a highly diverse range of flexible and rigid media applications, such as banners, exterior signage, retail signs, and interior architectural design.


  • Up to 2,477 square feet per hour or 60 boards per hour

  • Two channels of white ink

  • Precise dot control 

  • Drive down your operating costs and save energy with “cool cure” LED technology

To learn more download below: 

LED "Cool Cure" Technology

         Pro 30h Brochure