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Get Moving! How Video Can Grow Your Photography Business with Clay Blackmore
Photographer Clay Blackmore decided he needed to do something to set himself apart in a growing portrait photography. Blackmore has been a portrait photographer for years, but decided he needed to add video production to go alongside his still photography. He'll lead a session where he'll explain how he came to that decision, what it adds for his clients, and why other photographers should seriously consider doing the same.

Model Behavior: The Best Ways to Photograph People with Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes loves to photograph people. That's the subject of his keynote presentation: the best ways to capture, edit and print photographs of people. Hughes will share his strategies for getting the right lighting for subjects, the best way to make edits to your photo, and the best media to get that perfect print.

Great Images in a Flash: Techniques to Master Off-Camera Flash with Bob Davis
Canon Explorer of Light Bob Davis is one of the most well-known photographers in the world. Davis is excited to be a part of "Canon presents: A Click & Print Event" and will introduce photographers to his method of off-camera flash photography. He'll discuss the ways it can benefit the fast-paced, on the go photographer and how he uses it to enhance his passion for wildlife photography.

It’s More Than Just Funny Videos: How Social Media Can Grow Your Photography Business with Jeff Bowman
Photographer Jeff Bowman owned his own photography studio for 25 years before making the move to sunny Orlando when Disney came calling. But like thousands of others, Bowman found himself contemplating his next career move when COVID-19 hit. That's when he turned to social media. Bowman will lead a session, talking about how he used social media, analytics, and paid advertising to regrow his photography business in the middle of a global pandemic.

Finding Light in the Darkness with Eddie Tapp
Former Canon Explorer of Light Eddie Tapp has been a professional photographer for almost 50 years. He is giving a keynote presentation dedicated entirely to lighting. He'll talk about a variety of topics including finding a significant light source on photo shoots, using it to your advantage, and properly lighting your subject. Tapp is beyond excited to take part in "Canon presents: A Click & Print Event" and is eager to pass along his knowledge to other photographers.

The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Digital Technology with Classic Photography Techniques with Joel Grimes
Canon Explorer of Light Joel Grimes is passionate about photography. Grimes will be leading a session, where he explains how combining classic photography techniques with new age technology can produce dramatic images. Smart phones can produce some high-quality images, but they'll fall short without an extensive knowledge of photography basics.   

Capturing Perfect Senior Pictures: More Than Just a Good Smile & A Witty Quote with Carl Caylor
It’s that time of year again; time for senior pictures. In this session, you will tag along with Carl Caylor on a Senior portrait session, Carl will pre-visualize the media he will use and create images specifically for those medias. You will see how he works with the subject in his North Light camera room and out in the snow covered ground of Upper Michigan. Carl will share the creation process, the print preparation and the finished pieces of art from the session. This is the entire process photography, digital darkroom work and print finishing. 

Beyond Capture, Ensuring Your Photographs Are Presented In The Best Way with Vlad Denko
The Denko's purchased their first printer in 2016 in order to provide their clients with better photograph. After years of training and adding two printers Dekno Imaging is now a Fine-art lab. "What does that mean to our couples, families and fellow photographers? Well... It means that we care about their memories A LOT! To the point that we want to ensure that their photographs are presented in the best possible way and will last for generations," Denko added. Denko Imaging is located just a few miles away from Corning, New York and they welcome visitors.