Canon's latest state-of-the-art printer has us riding a Rocky Mountain high. The Canon Colorado features breakthrough UVGel technology which will give print service providers unprecedented production efficiency while lowering operating costs. The Canon Colorado suite of capital equipment is built for speed and delivers never before seen print automation and a wide range of applications.

Canon Colorado 1630 Roll-to-Roll Printers

Canon Colorado 1650 Roll-to-Roll Printers

The Canon Colorado 1630 uses breakthrough UVgel technology to give print service providers a complete print experience. This single roll printer has a wide range of commercial options, which can be configured to meet your unique business needs.

The Canon Colorado 1650 features two media rolls that allow print service providers to be more productive and cost-effective. FLX finish technology also allows PSPs to switch between matte and gloss finishes without having to switch media or inks.

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  • Speed - The Canon Colorado is a 64" roll-to-roll printer that can print up to 1,710 square feet per hour for outdoor print applications.
  • High Volume - The Canon Colorado can print higher print volumes and withstand high-duty cycles.
  • Cost-Effective - The 64" Canon Colorado reduces production and ink costs up to 40% when compared to other 64" roll-to-roll options.
  • Uninterrupted Printing - The available two in-line rolls make it possible to load and change media without having to stop printing.
  • High Quality - High print quality without having to sacrifice speed or productivity
  • Breakthrough productivity - Canon Colorado has unprecedented productivity and quality assurance technology which allows for unattended printing and a reduction in print waste.


  • The 64" Canon Colorado can handle whatever project you might, no matter how big or how small. Here are just some of the applications for which it can be used:
  • Outdoor banners - The Canon Colorado's UVGel technology is ideal for bright colors and scratch resistance, making it perfect for durable outdoor banners.
  • Wall Coverings - Dot gain is never an issue with Canon Colorado's UVGel technology, giving it the best color consistency 
  • Indoor POP - The Canon Colorado does not use heat in the curing process so it's easier than ever to produce indoor POP graphics on inexpensive, heat-sensitive media.
  • Floor graphics - The UVGel technology of the Canon Colorado allows for instant drying, allowing immediate lamination. There's also an option to print without the need for lamination.
  • Backlit - There's no need for intermediate curing on the Canon Colorado, which allows it to print at speeds which were previously difficult.

Canon UV Gel Inks for the Canon Colorado 

  • The Colorado 1650 uses industry-certified UVgel 460 inks, formulated for maximum flexibility. The four-color system (CMYK) is available in 1-liter ink bottles. The ink reservoir can accommodate up to 2.5 liters per ink color. UVgel is UL GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means print products for indoor use meet strict chemical emission limits and so help contribute to healthier interiors.